Production & Quality

ALTEX stands for customized solutions according to customer requirements.

The first touch is enough to recognize true quality. At ALTEX, we focus on uncompromising quality and products that meet this requirement in every respect. We consistently meet our quality standards, which are verifiable at all times. We also focus on innovative advances in production processes and sustainable raw materials in order to meet the demands of our customers and ourselves.

That is why we always comply with the relevant standards and regulations that apply to our products.

Through these steps
we guarantee our quality

Using innovative technologies, accurate processes and comprehensive quality management ALTEX has established a standard for first-class quality in the production of technical nonwovens.
Customized composition of raw materials
State-of-the-art production facilities and technologies
Versatile finishing processes with high flexibility
Comprehensive quality control and assurance

the creative development process

At ALTEX, all our nonwovens undergo the same manufacturing process. But it is precisely this process that opens up numerous design possibilities for us to create products with a wide range of unique technical properties. In this way, we give each end product an individual touch. The composition of our nonwovens is based on the specific requirements of our customers. As soon as the future application and the technical profile have been defined, the creative process of development and production planning begins at ALTEX. Our many years of expertise and advanced production technology ensure accurate and rapid production. Realization of the technical properties.

Specific selection of raw materials

The raw materials are delivered in bales, which means that they are put together precisely in accordance with the product specification. Good to know: Sustainability is not only a goal for us, but also a practice – so the customer’s production waste can also serve as a valuable part of the raw material. Automatic weight measurement and subsequent feeding to the opening and mixing system are crucial steps. In this process, an extremely uniform fiber pile is created from the homogeneous mixture on the card. This can be further optimized by mechanical needling and optionally also by thermal bonding. ALTEX has laid the foundations for future-oriented development by investing heavily in state-of-the-art production facilities. This ensures first-class processing of a wide variety of raw materials into high-quality end products.

Innovative technologies

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and high level of automation, we guarantee the first-class quality of our end products. We use various finishing processes that offer our customers remarkable possibilities, such as calendering, film lamination, smoothing, laminating and die-cutting. We use thermal or chemical processes for additional bonding of our nonwovens. Melt fibers ensure thermal solidification, while chemical binders penetrate the material and harden. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to guaranteeing product quality. Our comprehensive quality policy pursues clear objectives that are consistently achieved through an integrated quality management system. We not only meet the standard requirements of ISO 9001, Ökotex, ISO 50001 and CE marking requirements, but also cater to numerous individual customer requirements.

State-of-the-art test laboratory

In our comprehensively equipped test laboratory, we monitor with the highest precision and under reproducible conditions all product features. The result? Technical nonwovens of outstanding quality and reliability – a promise to our valued customers. In a corporate culture that places unrestricted customer orientation as its top priority, we underpin this philosophy in every single detail. That is our daily commitment.

Customized solutions

We not only offer products with various technical features, but also in different shapes to suit our customers’ requirements. We cut or punch according to individual requirements, ensuring customized results without material loss or time-consuming delays. In any case, our customers benefit from a comprehensive service from a reliable source.

Fred Humkamp

Production planning and control Product safety officer

Standing still means going backwards. We are flexible, creative and determined to always be one step ahead.

Fred Humkamp

Production planning and control Product safety officer