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all kind of recycled fibres

all kind of recycled fibres
  • recycling of chemical and natural fibres from various production waste by 6 pulling lines with 2-6 tambours
  • various lengths, colours, thicknesses and qualities possible
  • blending of various as well as our own as yours as contract work

What is a recycled fibre?

Recycled fibre is a teared fibre out of textile waste. Those could be out of industrial waste, old clothes or other kind of textiles. ALTEX has a machinery of 6 tearing lines which are equipped with 2-6 big needle rollers, called “tambours". The tambours screw fast and based right behind each tambour is a small needle roller which screws slowly in reverse direction. The material gets teared on that way and becomes a recycled fibre. The quality gets controlled by different adjustments at the pulling lines.

All kind of recycled fibres:

On the above mentioned way ALTEX has the opportunity to offer different recycled fibres as chemical- and natural fibres with different fineness, length and opening.

In addition to the tearing lines ALTEX has big blending lines with those many different components could be blended to become a new product. Because of the experience to blend as much components as needed ALTEX can satisfy special requirements as well.

Processing in commission:

You're looking for a partner who is able to process your material as a contract process? It doesn't matter if you need your material teared, cut or blended, ALTEX is a flexible and steady partner.

Do you need further information regarding our recycled fibres or other topics? The ALTEX-Team would be glad to help you!